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On Dec 2, 2011, at 10:01 PM, Jon Williams wrote:

I was thinking of how to best remember Richard Martin with his passing, and figured I would repeat his words.

Below is the email announcement when he joined the group in 2005, followed by his 'changing my path' email in June 2010 before he went off to medical school. He remained active on our email list, and will remain in our memories.


Announcement when Richard joined NY CTO Club in April 2005

Richard, is the newest member of the CTO Club and will now hold East coast CTO Club commute record. He brings a wealth of experience to the CTO Club (see bio sketch below). Please welcome Richard to the CTO Club.

Richard Martin is EVP and CTO of Active Data Exchange, Inc. of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (www.activedatax.com). Active Data is an established firm in the content management space with products that specialize in content/data syndication, content creation and events management.

Previously, Richard was COO of Freeport Technologies, a primary vendor of sophisticated video and data networks to WorldSpace, the precursor to XM Radio, where he operated offices in London and Washington DC. Prior to that, Richard was the owner of an environmental laboratory which performed radiological analysis of both air and water samples to firms across the United States. That firm, DMA, was then acquired by a publicly traded firm in 1990, where he remained for two years as part of sr. management.

Richard is active in IDEAlliance, where he was chairman of the recently released ICE2 effort, and is a member of the IDEAlliance Board of Directors. He was a contributing editor to the XML Handbook (4th and 5th editions) and has been a member of the W3C's XML Protocol Working Group.

Richard holds a BS in Nuclear Engineering from Penn State, and a Masters in Management and Doctorate from Southern Cal. Richard has special interests in medical informatics, cardiac function analysis and radiological imagery. He sails, skis and coaches youth soccer.

change my path' email in June 2010

After 29 years in technology, I have decided to change my path and do humanitarian service. In order to perform what I am really interested in, providing care to those who do not have access, I will be attending medical school starting in the fall, and then will be using the new skill set assisting those in medically underserved areas, across the globe.

This is a pretty big decision, and means being away from home for extended periods of time. However, the rewards are incredible. I recently spent some time in a very primitive island, where the local physician could not order an MRI if he wanted to, and X-Ray’s are rare. Basic medical care is generally what is needed … even for the folks in Haiti, still.

I have danced around this path for years, and finally have the support of my lovely wife, children and bank account, to do this.

In order to stay current with the interesting topics and technology discussions, I wish to remain in the mail lists, if possible.

Best to all.
Dr. Richard D. Martin || EVP and CTO
Active Data Exchange, Inc.

On Dec 1, 2011, at 12:38 PM, Jon Williams wrote:

I am saddened to advise that Richard Martin, fellow CTO club member, was killed last night in a tragic road accident. Last year, he had launched himself in a humanitarian direction, including attending medical school in the Caribbean, which is where the accident occurred.

While I only knew Richard through the club, he was clearly a great person, and his death is a tragic loss.

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Dr. Martin had a mission to help others with basic healthcare needs and felt he needed to hold the credentials of a physician to accomplish his goals. He documented his intention to all those around him.

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1959 - Born in Englewood, New Jersey

1977 - Graduated Emmaus High School

1981 - Graduated Penn State University, B.S. Nuclear Engineering

1997 - Graduated Southern California University, MS - Master of Science Computer and Technology Management, ScD - Doctor of Science Computer and Technology Management, Summa Cum Laude

1999 - Co-Founded Active Data Exchange

2011 - Entered Saint Matthew's School of Medicine