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Aurous was dubbed the new grooveshark

popcorn time apkUnlicensed music streaming service Aurous, dubbed both �Popcorn Time For Music� and �The New Grooveshark� after launching in October,
has officially shut down - and it won�t be coming back.

Owner Andrew Sampson has agreed to cease all click here operations and apkpc to close the platform in a $3m settlement with major label plaintiffs Atlantic Records, Capitol Records, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Bros. Records.

The majors launched a copyright infringement case against the service in October, within days of Aurous�s launch.

They quickly secured a temporary restraining order prohibiting Aurous� infringing conduct, but now the case has come to a close. Aurous has now consented to the Court entering a permanent injunction and judgment against it.

The settlement requires Aurous and its founder, Andrew Sampson, to permanently cease and terminate all operation of the website or any other website or software similar to the Aurous system.

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