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solar panels for rvYour heart begins to pound as the lights in your RV cut out, until you remember you have a backup generator. These devices turn the direct current (DC) that the solar panels produce into alternating current (AC), which is what your home operates on. You can determine a good inverter going by some of the same qualities you'll find in a good solar panel, namely reliability, warranty coverage, and cost.

A team of researchers from Italy has created hybrid perovskite -graphene solar cells that show good stability upon exposure to sunlight, while still maintaining an impressive efficiency of over 18% - the highest reported efficiency of graphene perovskite hybrid solar cells to date.

Through a portfolio of R&D efforts, including the SunShot Initiative , the Energy Department remains committed to leveraging America's abundant solar energy resources - driving research, manufacturing and market solutions to support widespread expansion of the nation's solar market.

These all in one inverters are more expensive than straight inverters, but once you add in the cost of a comparable converter/charger and transfer switch (not to mention the hassle of hooking all the components up properly, I've found the cost for a good all-in-one inverter runs about a third less than a system with individual components.

The deal comes as Tesla is planning to buy Sunrun's bigger rival, SolarCity Corp, as part of its bid to sell a fossil fuel-free lifestyle in which people can have solar panels on their roofs generating electricity to power their homes, charge home battery packs and recharge their electric car batteries.

Each house's old roofing material had been stripped away, and replaced with one of four new styles of solar tile From the street, it was virtually impossible to tell; the roofs retained a variety of traditional looks, from textured slate shingle to terra cotta tile.

Planting trees, donating to student fundraisers, scholarships, local athletes, and creating sponsorships with local communities are just some of the ways Legend Solar has committed to participated in giving back to the local communities that they are involved in.

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